There Is No Square is me, June Steward, working conscientiously from my desk in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.

June Steward’s copywriting and marketing experience

I have 15 years of experience making my living from working with words.

I started as a journalist. Working on various local newspapers for five years, I got fantastic grounding in a wide range of subjects including politics, property development, business, environment, education, social services, youth and arts.

Since then, I have worked in marketing, fundraising, public relations, web development and IT. I have managed direct response campaigns including mail, web, email and radio. I’ve written direct mail, direct email, corporate brochures, newsletters, print advertising, web advertising, website copy, speeches, magazine articles, media releases, media statements for sensitive issues, training manuals, software help files, software tutorials and business processes.

My qualifications include a degree in journalism, postgraduate diploma in multimedia and I am currently enrolled in an MBA. As well as learning direct response on the job, I’ve invested a fair bit of my own time and money into learning everything I can about this field.

My business goal is YOUR success

With the birth of my first child, I took the plunge into freelance copywriting. My goal is to grow this business so I can eventually become financially independent (and so I don’t have to re-enter the rat race of nine to five… or nine to six… or eight to seven…).

Because I myself run a business, I understand the marketing challenges in growing businesses in today’s economic climate. I believe that one of the best things you can do to market your business more effectively is invest in quality copywriting. I am eager to help you grow your business through my copywriting and marketing skills. Your success using the words I write for you is my success. You can read about my services here.

I also love working with non-profit organisations. My favourite causes are those that help the poor, provide education, extend microfinance loans (that’s  business, too) and empower women. I hate to see talent wasted for lack of opportunity so I am passionate about working with non-profits to raise more dollars and help as many disadvantaged people as possible.

My personal interests and hobbies

These days, my most enjoyable hobby is spending time with my funny husband, Ian, and my gorgeous baby girl, Jasmine. (I’m told she’s advanced for her age in the number of words she can speak. Hmmm, I wonder who she got that from?)

I enjoy working on my business, property investing and computer geeking. Plus I do volunteer work with my local church.

I also somehow manage to spend vast amounts of time consuming books and online reading material. My favourite direct marketing book is Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples and I enjoy my monthly subscription to Dan Kennedy’s Look Over My Shoulder. My favourite business author is Robert Kiyosaki, my favourite leadership author is John Maxwell and my favourite literary authors are Jane Austen and Salman Rushdie.

Why am I called There Is No Square?

For those of you who know the reference, yes, it follows the thinking behind the quote from The Matrix. If you don’t know it, here it is:

“Do not try to bend the spoon — that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realise the truth: there is no spoon.”

Some people ask me whether it’s relating to thinking outside the box. Not really. Rather, there is no box.

Just one other thing: people think writing is a creative activity. Yes, it is and no, it isn’t. Sometimes it’s just plain hard work and discipline that gets the job done (that includes the work I do for you). That truth in itself is out of the box that doesn’t exist.

Keep up with June!

The clients said it!

“Improvement of 216% in income”

Thanks so much to June for everything she did for our EOFY campaign. We saw an improvement of 216% in income from our direct mail and email compared to the previous year. In fact, this year we raised more money than we ever have from these channels for this campaign.

June assisted not only with writing copy but also advised on strategy, concepts, segmentation and reporting. And all of this on a very tight timeline. Her work has helped restore confidence within the organisation that direct mail is a worthwhile fundraising activity…

Joel Nicholls
Fundraising Manager

"More than paid for itself"

June did a fantastic job of developing a concept, the offers and writing the mailing package… This Christmas pack more than paid for itself and was one of the best mailings we’ve ever done. We’ll definitely be using June again in future.

Andrew Kay
Company Director
Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

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Why are you called There Is No Square?

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