Copywriting and Marketing Services for People Who Want Results

Direct Response Copywriting

You get sales letters, direct mail packages, emails, advertisements and web copy where each word I write is chosen to work as hard as possible to get you those sales, leads or donations.

If you need corporate brochures, white papers, newsletters, press releases or speeches, I can do those for you too.

Website and Online Copywriting

You need sales emails, email newsletters, landing pages and autoresponders. If you are not using these or not using them effectively, you are losing sales and customers if you’re in business. Or donations and loyal givers if you’re a non-profit.

You don’t want your website just sitting in cyberspace looking pretty! You want it to sell. You want to collect contact information from your prospects and customers. Why? So you can contact them in future with great offers or appeals. And you can also nurture your customer or donor relationships.

Marketing Strategy and Integration

Your marketing should be structured so that each component has a clear purpose and works together to give you maximum benefit and response. Don’t fall victim to what I call “Bitov Syndrome”. A “bitov” newspaper advertising here or a “bitov” website optimisation there. Followed by a “bitov” radio advertising for a month (because a persistent sales rep wouldn’t go away).

If you feel bewildered by all your marketing options or need some help deciding what you need to include in your marketing mix (mail? brochures? website? radio advertising? TV?), I can help you get the best value for your hard-earned business or donation dollars. Or even if your marketing is humming along nicely, you should get a fresh perspective on what’s working and what’s not.

Is your business mostly done by word-of-mouth? That’s fantastic! But chances are that you can do even better with some direct marketing assistance and evaluation.

Services to Add Value and Give You More Time to Focus on Your Business

So I’ve delivered the copy you want or consulted with you on marketing strategy… but there’s all those other people you have to deal with. Designers, printers, web developers, web hosts, mailhouses, list brokers.

If I write a piece of copy for you, I can coordinate design, printing and assist with list development and selection. I can work with your designer, printer or data specialist if you have one, otherwise I have a list of suppliers who can do this work.

If I write copy for your website, I can coordinate design and development for the job, again using other suppliers.

If I am writing copy for a significant proportion of your marketing needs or if I am working with you on marketing strategy, I can advise and assist you with executing media and PR for your business or non-profit organisation.

This frees up your time so you can concentrate on your business.

Keep up with June!

The clients said it!

“Improvement of 216% in income”

Thanks so much to June for everything she did for our EOFY campaign. We saw an improvement of 216% in income from our direct mail and email compared to the previous year. In fact, this year we raised more money than we ever have from these channels for this campaign.

June assisted not only with writing copy but also advised on strategy, concepts, segmentation and reporting. And all of this on a very tight timeline. Her work has helped restore confidence within the organisation that direct mail is a worthwhile fundraising activity…

Joel Nicholls
Fundraising Manager

"More than paid for itself"

June did a fantastic job of developing a concept, the offers and writing the mailing package… This Christmas pack more than paid for itself and was one of the best mailings we’ve ever done. We’ll definitely be using June again in future.

Andrew Kay
Company Director
Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

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