I can write the content myself. Why should I hire a copywriter at all?

I talk to a lot of people who do the DIY thing when it comes to copy. They can write and spell a clear sentence. They got an A+ for English in high school. They write reports at work. Heck, they even did the flyer for the boss because they actually like writing.

I often see copy written by untrained writers. And what I see is that its potential to sell can usually be improved. This applies whether it’s for products, services or social causes. Someone sends me the document or the website URL. Sometimes the copy is not too bad. But whether it’s truly awful or kind of average, I sit at my computer and mentally start rearranging the words. I start coming up with new ideas. I think about the buyer and what I know about the industry.

When do I see a piece of copy and think, “That’s brilliant! I wish I’d written it myself!”? Only when it’s been executed by a writer who thoroughly understands the principles of marketing and direct response.

But there are lots of copywriters around. Why work with you?

I am more than just a copywriter. When I write for your business or non-profit, I interview you about your business and your goals. I ask you how the commissioned piece fits into your overall marketing strategy. I like to talk to your customers, research your industry, have a look at your competitors’ marketing. I think a lot about your prospective audience. I put myself in their shoes and think about how they would react. After letting all that information percolate in my brain, I apply all my marketing and fundraising knowledge and experience to planning and crafting your letter, brochure, DM package or website.

I do not just take information you give me and arrange words that are grammatically correct and spelled right with a few creative flourishes to make you think how clever I am (clever does not necessarily get the right result).

I can also help you develop your overall marketing strategy. I can coordinate some of those other services you need to get your marketing happening. When you hire me to work on your marketing strategy, I look at your whole business, evaluate what is and isn’t working and what you need to work on.

What experience do you have as a copywriter?

You can read about me here.

I work in XYZ industry which is highly technical. How would you be able to cope without the specialised knowledge?

One of the advantages of previously working as a journalist and in public relations at a university is that I actually know a little bit about pretty much everything (except maybe astrophysics but I’m willing to learn).

Another advantage of being a former journo is that I am very, very good at reading, absorbing and translating a lot of information, often quite technical, into copy that can be understood by the average person.

Therefore, you can be confident I can handle your project.

What do you charge?

After talking to you about your business, your customers and your requirements, I work out a price for you based on the value of the project to your business or organisation.

I require 30% of the quote upfront and the rest upon completion. Contact me for a proposal and quote.

If I am coordinating other aspects of the work such as graphic design, these suppliers will quote and invoice separately.

Do you outsource your work?

Rest assured, I personally write your copy and develop your marketing strategy. I do not outsource these things because I can brief another writer about the technical requirements of the job (client, number of words, type of copy) but I can’t give them the marketing knowhow that comes only with experience.

However, I do outsource related services such as graphic design, printing, list buying and web development.

Can you work with my existing suppliers?

Yes, I am happy to work with your designer, printer, web developer and other service providers.

When can you start on my project?

Usually within two weeks, depending on my workload.

I need the copy in a hurry. Can you get it to me tomorrow?

If I am working on a project for someone else, then I have to honour my commitment to that client to deliver on time. In turn, if you engage me, I will extend the same courtesy to you to deliver by the agreed deadline.

So the answer is, you can ask but probably not.

I’m in another state/ country. Will you still work for me?

Yes, I’m based in Australia in the state of Victoria but I’m very happy to work with interstate and overseas clients.

Keep up with June!

The clients said it!

“Improvement of 216% in income”

Thanks so much to June for everything she did for our EOFY campaign. We saw an improvement of 216% in income from our direct mail and email compared to the previous year. In fact, this year we raised more money than we ever have from these channels for this campaign.

June assisted not only with writing copy but also advised on strategy, concepts, segmentation and reporting. And all of this on a very tight timeline. Her work has helped restore confidence within the organisation that direct mail is a worthwhile fundraising activity…

Joel Nicholls
Fundraising Manager

"More than paid for itself"

June did a fantastic job of developing a concept, the offers and writing the mailing package… This Christmas pack more than paid for itself and was one of the best mailings we’ve ever done. We’ll definitely be using June again in future.

Andrew Kay
Company Director
Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

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